What are the main telecom associations

List of main Canadian telecom associations

There are many associations which are working in Canada to ensure that the telecom sector is boosted as required. These telecom associations also make sure that the best and most advanced services are provided to the customers.These are also responsible to make sure that the issues of telecom sector which are rising from time to time are also resolved completely. These associations are working to take the Canadian telecom sector to new heights and they have been pretty successful. The associations are working on every level such as national, regional and provincial level just to boost relations with the government. The government also supports such associations as it makes sure that the element of transparency remains within the telecom sector.

1. Ontario Communications Association

The best part of this organization is that it is completely non-profit. The association does not demand any remuneration for the work that it carries out for the telecom sector. Almost every large wireless service provider in Canada has its representative to make sure that the company is represented in Ontario and related areas. The issues which the employees are facing to the overall management of telecom affairs in the region this association has proven that it is worth contacting. The association also helps the companies put demands in front of the Canadian government. Till now the telecom companies have rated this organization high.

2. Canadian Wireless Telecommunication Association

Canadian Wireless Telecommunication AssociationAbbreviated as CWTA this organization works on a national level. They can also be contacted at the official website where there is a complete contact form. As the name suggests the association works in a manner that foster relations between the Canadian government and the telecom sector on a national level. It is the most renewed association that has been working to make sure that the telecom sector never faces or issues. The human capital is developed by the organization. The individual issues employees are having with their employers can also be reported if the internal HR of the companies fails to resolve the dispute.

3. British Columbia Technology Industry Association

British Columbia Technology Industry AssociationThe best part of British Columbia Technology Industry Association is that it works with the government departments to undertake every plan they want to execute. The association has been working to make sure that the best and the most advanced plans are deployed to make telecom and integral part of British Columbia’s economy. The association has won several awards and the credit goes to the best and the most dedicated team it has. The plans and strategies to boost telecom profit are matchless which means awesome and state of the art outcome.

4. Information and Communications Technology Council

Founded in 1992 the organization has been working to develop the skills of the people living in the telecom sector. This allows the employees working in the field to get hands-on training of different diplomas so that they can excel. The association is one of the most effective ones in Canada and thousands of telecom sector employees take sessions from the industry-leading expert. For some these have proven to be life-changing.