Most Popular Canadian Telecommunication Companies in 2024

Most popular Canadian telecomucation companies

In Canada, the telecommunication industry is essentially a monopoly controlled by a relatively small number of major companies. All telecom companies in Canada are private, largely as a result of the privatization of the telecom sector.

The Canadian telecom industry provides services for 38 million inhabitants of Canadians, connecting them to each other and the world through phone, satellite, wireless, internet, and cable services.

Wireless is the most lucrative sector out of the various telecommunications in Canada. 53% of all telecom revenue generated in the country proceeds from this sector. Fixed internet ranks second with a 26% market share.

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In 2025, Canada is forecast to have 20 million 5G mobile connections, establishing the country as a leader among 5G adopters globally.

The five biggest companies are the main occupants of the Canadian telecom market, namely BCE, Telus, Rogers Communication, Shaw Communications, and Quebecor.

list of the biggest companies canadian telecom

These companies control just about 91% of the country’s telecom business, with each company servicing millions of subscribers.

Here is a more in-depth report on the TOP 5 telecom companies in Canada based on their market capitalization and market share for 2023.

#1 BCE Inc.

BCE Inc. Canada’s telecom company

BCE Inc. was originally known as Bell Canada, named after the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell and founded 139 years ago on April 29th, 1880.

The name BCE Inc. was adopted in 1983, when a number of companies, including Bell Canada, were all subsidized by Bell Canada Enterprises, Inc.

As of January 2023, BCE has a market cap of $42.17 bn, making BCE the world’s 414th most valuable company by market capitalization.

Despite having one of the richest and longest histories of all the Canadian telecom companies, BCE Inc. remains among the most popular Canada’s telecom companies.

BCE Inc. facts:

  • BCE Inc. builds the best networks
  • Offers customers the fastest speeds and increased service options, including 5G network ranked as the fastest in the country
  • Holds the sector leadership and technology innovation
  • Delivers the most compelling content

#2 Telus Corporation

telus - telecommunications company in Canada

Telus is the second-largest telecommunications company in Canada based on the market cap.

As of January 2023, Telus’ market capitalization totals $30.44 bn, which makes Telus the world’s 593rd most valuable company by market cap.

Telus was originally based in Edmonton but has since relocated to the West Coast. Telus was first developed to catalyze the privatization of the Alberta Government Telephones Commission.

In 1999, the company was merged with BCTel, and while Telus kept its name, it moved its headquarters to Vancouver. The name was adjusted to the current-day Telus Corporation.

Telus primarily serves British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec and is one of the farthest-reaching telecom companies Canada has.

Telus Corporation is the parent company of Telus Communications, Telus Mobility, Telus Health, and Telus International, each of which is considered among the best service providers in Canada in the regions where they are offered.

Telus Corporation facts:

  • Telus continuously seeks opportunities to advance the organization and product offerings to exceed increasing expectations of the market and Canadians.
  • It drives the integration of wireline, wireless, and security solutions via differentiated service offerings, enabling excellent solutions for our customers and communities.
  • Telus has recently announced the creation of Telus Consumer Solutions to elevate its legacy of industry leader in customer service and meet shifting customer demands for a vast assortment of innovative and integrated products.

#3 Rogers Communications

Rogers Communication’s

As of January 2023, Rogers Communication’s market cap reached $24.35 bn, making Rogers Communication the world’s 723rd most valuable company by market capitalization.

Rogers Communication is, no doubt, one of the best telecommunication companies in Canada. The company, with its headquarters situated in Toronto, has the highest number of subscribed customers. Rogers is Canada’s major telecom company, servicing more than a dozen million subscribers.

The company’s founder, Ted Rogers, believed in the power of communication to enlighten, and entertain. With a small loan, he followed in his father’s footsteps, purchasing a radio station which would later on launch a company to connect Canadians across the country.

Ted Rogers began Baton Aldred Rogers Broadcasting in 1959, but it wasn’t until nearly two decades later that Rogers Communications was formed.

In 1978, Ted decided to move into the telecommunications network alongside David Margolese, Marc Belzberg, and Phillipe de Gaspè Beaubien.

Much of Rogers’ success is built upon Margolese’s prediction that wireless cell phone technology would be useful for many more things than simply making voice calls.

Ted Rogers

Margolese, who didn’t yet work with Rogers, intended to capitalize on his hunch. He encouraged the partnership with Rogers to secure funding and licensing over wireless communications in Canada. This joint venture led to the development of the country’s current telecom giant.

Rogers Communication now comprises the best network in Canada and deals with several different services. These include cable television, telephone, and internet connection.

Rogers Sports & Media’s suite of industry-leading content platforms entertains and informs Canadians.

#4 Shaw Communications

Shaw Communications logo

Shaw Communications is believed to provide the best network in the Western provinces and is one of the best telecom companies in Canada. This telecommunications service provider offers customers the Internet, data, WiFi, digital phone, and video services. The wireless division provides wireless voice and LTE data services.

Out of all the telecom companies in Canada, Shaw is not the largest. As of January 2023, Shaw Communications has a market cap of $14.35 bn, which makes Shaw Communications the world’s 1146th most valuable company by market cap according to recent data. However, it is still an important player in the Canadian industry.

Shaw Communications facts:

  • In the first quarter of 2023, the company added approximately 13,800 new wireless customers, consisting primarily of 12,300 prepaid customers. Postpaid net additions of approximately 1,500 in the quarter were characterized by lower year-over-year Shaw mobile activity, higher churn, and increased competitive intensity.
  • The company focuses primarily on serving Western Canada, with the majority of subscribers living in BC and Alberta. Shaw also has smaller numbers of subscribers in the eastern prairies and northern Ontario.

The company was originally founded under the name Capital Cable Television Company, Ltd. The company, founded in Edmonton by JR Shaw, was initially a subsidiary of his father’s business known as Shawcor. Shaw was one of the first telecom companies in Canada.

Following the acquisition of a number of smaller businesses in the 80s and 90s, Shaw’s expansion has allowed it to gain a serious foothold as one of Canada’s best telecom companies.

JR Shaw

#5 Quebecor

Quebecor entertainment and media company in Canada

Quebecor is a leading telecommunications, entertainment and media company in Canada. It is headquartered in Québec and employs nearly 10,000 Canadians.  

Quebecor’s media platforms reach 99% of Quebec residents every week. The company is a leader in the news media, music recording, book publishing, distribution of cultural products.

As of January 2023, Quebecor has a market cap of $5.41 bn, which makes Quebecor the world’s 2311th most valuable company by market cap according at the moment.

Driven by their determination to deliver the best customer experience, all Quebecor’s subsidiaries and brands are differentiated by their high‑quality, multiplatform products and services.

Almost 55% of the Quebec population read Quebecor’s newspapers. Quebecor Media Inc. is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Quebecor Inc. Quebecor’s brands are popular due to their high-quality and availability on multiplatform in the form of bundled products. Its Videotron brand is one of telecommunications and entertainment leaders in Canada.

Quebecor has been investing heavily to boost its wireline network over the past five years and has continued to roll out ultra-fast service across its service field.

Once a family business founded in 1950, Quebecor is nowadays strongly committed to the community. Every year, it actively supports more than 400 organizations in culture, education, health, environment, and entrepreneurship.

Now You Know

There are various telecom companies in Canada, but only the best and largest are recognized across the country. This article aims to briefly describe some of the best cell phone, mobile, and telecommunications companies offering services in Canada.