Most popular Canadian telecommunication companies

Most popular Canadian telecomucation companies

Canadian telecom market is an amalgamation of large and regional providers. About 90% of Canadians use one of the 3 largest service providers when it comes to the mobile phone. The rest are contented with the regional companies which are also highly in demand. The service quality of telecom sector of Canada is matchless and therefore the revenue generation is also high. As per an estimate, the Canadian Telecom companies will definitely see a rise in business when it comes to a number of subscribers. The telecom sector just like the Canadian economy is booming which means a lot to the people related to such companies. The large telecom providers of Canada are known for exceptional customer services as well as the quality of voice and several other factors.

1. Rogers Wireless

Rogers Wireless

It is the largest telecom company in Canada. With the passage of time, Rogers has made sure that the wireless telecom facilities which it provides to its users are improved. The result is obvious. From revenue generation to anumber of subscribers the company stands tall. The average revenue per user is also increasing which means a sustainable growth. It was founded in 1925 as a small radio station in Toronto. The company was soon acquired by large investors but the name was never changed. Edward Rogers was the one that founded this company. It is currently headquartered in Toronto and serves almost half of the wireless subscribers of Canada.

2. BCE Inc.

BCE Inc.

Formerly known as Bell Canada this company has made sure that the best and the most advanced services are provided to the Canadians. It is also one of the biggest Canadian companies when it comes to telecom field. The name Bell Canada was changed to BCE in 1988 and since then the company has seen the boom it deserves. With the creation in 1983, the company acquired several small telecom businesses to ensure that they get the reach they require. Though it is second largest Canadian telecom company with respect to anumber of subscribers but 17th largest when it comes to revenue.

3. Telus Corporation

Telus CorporationFrom voice to non-voice services if you’re looking for national company in Canada then Telus should be your pick.  With 50,000 employees approx. this company is all set to impress you with superior voice quality and high level of customer services. Though it has gotten into many labor disputes in the past the matters are internal and do not affect the service quality which is exceptional. The company has a major stake in telecom market of Canada.

4. Shaw Communications

Shaw CommunicationsThis company also ensures that the best is provided to the Canadians. The best part of the company is that it relies on postpaid connections which are on rife. Though it has been acquired by Telus but operates under its own brand name. It also means that the main revenue collector of the company is Telus telecom. Founded in 1966 the company like many others acquired many smaller businesses between 80’s and 90’s. With 15000 employees the company is all set to provide you with exceptional telecom services.