Canadian Telecom Events You Should Visit

Canadian telecom events you should visit

There are many summits or telecom events that take place in Canada just to foster the telecom trade as much as possible. The best part of all such events is that it brings together the people from different telecom companies that are considered as market rivals. It also means that the companies of the Canadian telecom sector are ready to help out each other just to make sure that the telecom sector sees the boom it deserves at the national level.The other important thing that is worth considering is the fact that these events don’t have particular agenda to follow and vary from place to place. It is not necessary that if one Canadian region is facing certain issue then the same one if being faced by the other region as well. These events are organized just to make sure that the best outcome is provided to the users that are ultimately affected by the performance of the companies.

1. Canadian Telecom Summit

This event can be referred to as the summit of the top brass of telecom sector. The best part of Canadian Telecom Summit is that it allows the company representatives to carry out the plans and strategies jointly so that they get the deserved output. The summit also allows such representatives to share their opinions and views just to make sure that the best and the most advanced outcome are generated for the industry as a whole. The summit takes place at different Canadian provinces each year. The summit also allows the participants to present thought-provoking ideas so that these can be applied to the future of the Canadian telecom sector.

2. Canadian ISP Summit

Canadian ISP SummitThis summit ensures that the best talent of the telecom sector is brought forward. It will also ensure that the best policies are devised for the large companies which can be applied to get the maximum out of the human capital in question. Canadian ISP Summit is all about presenting the talent to the world. It is a great place for the telecom companies to conduct business. The summit is the best place to get the different sectors of the telecom field closer for maximum interaction.

3. Canadian Wireless Trade Show

For the past 7 years, Toronto has been hosting this show which means that the professionals from all telecom related departments gather to devise future plans. The companies that are associated with the show are the ones that have maximum reach and therefore the trade show is highly praised. It also allows the companies to present the in-house developments which can be sold to other companies to earn revenue.

4. 2018 CITA Telecommunications

It is a series of events which are held all over Canada and has different themes. From cyber and telecom security to protection from hacking this summit is attended by hundreds from all over Canada. The entry fee is to be paid by both CITA and Non-CITA members. The word CITA stands for Canadian Independent Telecommunications Association. The CITA member needs to pay $295 as entry fee and non-CITA member needs to pay $500 for an entry fee.

Final Thoughts

The biggest Canadian companies in the telecom sector, including BCE Inc., continue to gather at these summits and trade show despite the fact, that they are competitors. It proves that competition is healthy. Competition encourages sharing ideas and information about new technologies, which will propel the industry to new levels of success. All parties involved benefit from it.

What do you think? Have you ever been to one of these events? We highly recommend visiting one of them in the future if you are already working or looking to build a career in the telecom industry. It is possible to do a bit of networking as well as see what the leading companies are doing at the moment and what they are planning for the near future.